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Monday, September 19, 2011

ESLS Punishment

Ada video....


So, apa benda yang aku buat sebenarnya?
Actually, last week we all (the Foxtons) held a debate session during our ESLS class. Tajuknya "Nuclear Energy", apparently those who agree will be in the government side while those who disagree will be in the opposition. I'm in the government with Zubir, Mus, Azwan, Alflavius, Suri, Gala and Fiona.

We're GREAT team! I'll never deny that!
The opposition were just lucky to have more good speakers :-P
Thus, we lose one point to them.... =.=

As a punishment, we need to perform a song on the following day. So we start our song with some snippets of Bruno Mars,"Marry You" and finish it off with "twinkle twinkle little stars"

Creative aren't we?


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