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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Charity for Starving Children

Yesterday, I went to Sunway Pyramid with my roommate Ann and her friend Des. The real plan suppose to be along with Murni and Zaf as well but they both can't make it (Zaf demam...kesian~)

Tak ada apa sangat, I just wanna walk around and release some stress. Supposely Zubir ajak ice-skating, but since we're arriving late (5pm or so) tak payah nak mengada la...

Sampai je...we headed to Tutti Frutti 
wasting RM24.40 for a cup of Tutti Frutti (menyesal aku ambik banyak-banyak, dah beli..kena la habiskan =.=)
Nasib baik sedap... vanilla+strawberry+blueberry with strawberry fruit and strawberry sauce topping.
Sedap gila~

We just walk around aimlessly...exploring the parts that none of us pernah sampai. Found one area yang penuh dengan Korean+Japan+Taiwan brands. Perghh! mata aku dah cukup pantang! I think Ann could see my eyes shining already~ hehehehe XP

Then, around 7pm we took our dinner at Pizza Hut. This was where we're doing a charity for the starving kids.
So we bought the power meals for 4 person. Yes ladies and gentlemen...4 PERSON! 
We all 3 orang je...but instead we bought the 4 person meals coz we think it's more value for money. LOL
we order MEAL 5
2 pasta
1 regular pan pizza
4 soup
4 garlic breadstick
1 pitcher pepsi

Start with the soup

we gave Des 2 soup..hahaha XD

my Seafood Marinara
Seriously this is heaven~
Sedap gila! lagi sedap dari Secret Recipe hari tu.

Hawaiian Supreme

Des digging the pizza

Just imagine these 3 ladies finishing all of those, whenever we felt like we wanna gave up we said "Go! go! finish it! It's for the Somalian kids" LOL seriously it's really funny >.<
Felt proud of ourself~ ROFL

Then we went shopping at Brands Outlet and F.O.S
The price there're quite reasonable la....

SS in the fitting room...oh my... =.=

We decided to go home early since we have lots of work to do...

p/s: got an annoying taxi driver....ohh...what the heck!
Sampai last tak jumpa Zubir and the gang~

Monday, September 19, 2011

ESLS Punishment

Ada video....


So, apa benda yang aku buat sebenarnya?
Actually, last week we all (the Foxtons) held a debate session during our ESLS class. Tajuknya "Nuclear Energy", apparently those who agree will be in the government side while those who disagree will be in the opposition. I'm in the government with Zubir, Mus, Azwan, Alflavius, Suri, Gala and Fiona.

We're GREAT team! I'll never deny that!
The opposition were just lucky to have more good speakers :-P
Thus, we lose one point to them.... =.=

As a punishment, we need to perform a song on the following day. So we start our song with some snippets of Bruno Mars,"Marry You" and finish it off with "twinkle twinkle little stars"

Creative aren't we?