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Monday, December 13, 2010

First day without housemaid

Yes, all this while since aku darjah 4 lagi....rumah aku nie dah pakai housemaid. We already change housemaid about 4 kali and yang last ni yang paling lama. Almost 5 years.

Every year, housemaid aku nie (we call bibik) memang akan mintak cuti 1 bulan balik Indonesia, starting dari cuti hujung tahun. Bila Januari masuk sekolah, dia balik la sini.

I thought thats what gonna happen this year too..but...
My mom decide taknak pakai housemaid lagi.
Since aku pun dah abis sekolah, my lil sis yang nak masuk Form 1 tu nak masuk asrama. Budak kecik tu pulak (adik aku yang paling bongsu) next year dah tadika.
My mom said "You all dah besar-besar, all dah kena belajar urus diri sendiri" Beside we need to save money nowadays. Housemaid is really expensive.

Aduyaii...nasib la....bukan aku tak boleh..just that....I told you, aku jarang-jarang buat house chores tau. Setahun....untuk sebulan jer aku bertugas buat house chores. Itupun bila bibik balik kampung.
My mom jarang suruh aku buat kerja-kerja rumah nie, she only told me to STUDY HARD, FOCUS ON YOUR EXAMS. So, aku nie teruk gak la bab "pengurusan rumah tangga".

So, pagi tadi bibik dah berangkat ke airport. Pulang... mungkin untuk selamanya.....
First day without maid...
Start bit crappy.....pagi-pagi lagi dah kena bombard dengan my mom. Bangun pukul 10.00.
Gila yaii! I'm not sleeping all night....after subuh prayer baru aku tido, so excited with my laptop yang dah elok. Aku sibuk surf internet...so...sah-sahlah bangun matahari dah tegak!

bangun, breakfast (bibik made her last breakfast before go T.T)......I started my work
doing laundry

 This is the 1st time I'm doing it...seriously..laundry nie leceh betul la...memenatkan jugak..

wash the dishes
nasib baik our neighbour tengah buat kenduri, so my family attend it. Diorang lunch kat sana la. Save one work..tak payah cook for lunch

tapi malam tak boleh buat apa....my mom and I bertungkus-lumus prepare dinner

ahh....besok lagilah...my mom must go back to work
tinggallah aku manage everything by myself

First day and I am EXHAUSTED

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Apa ada pada si dia?

Gosip terbaru~ HANGAT HANGAT (I love gossips!!! >.< its my candy!)

Because school had become more relaxing without so many monkeys and goat around , me, Kenzo and Ayunk decide to have our sweet time in the canteen.

We bought our food and having some lil chit chat until.......
nampak seorang mamat nie. Let's call him Mr. RD (oh a cutie boy for sure!)

and Kenzo start the whole soap drama. She said "Eh kau tau tak, aku nampak kat FB Zerry (she is our friend) Mr. RD tulis "I **** (THAT 4-letter word that start with L) [insert name]" (well if you can figure out what is the sentence I will give you cookies - virtual one of course...HAHA)

Kenzo made a clear statement "Aku rasa Mr. RD tu suka kat Zerry

me and Ayunk went like "............." blank for a few seconds (or minute maybe...we don't realize okay)
then we started...


because that thing is just so...so....so..UNBELIEVABLE

and the next second we went like....
"okay...tapi apa ada kat Zerry tu?  Okay....aku mengakulah dia tu..cute..manja... (gedik sikit -thats my opinion) and her message on phone are so sweet (which make me wanna puke every time I read it)
but..but... why Mr. RD like her? I mean..there're bunch of better choice here (and Kenzo and Ayunk start rambling about their good side and perfectness - okay I lie....=_=)

We're NOT JEALOUS okay.....ulang suara NOT JEALOUS
just...we felt weird and...unacceptable....okay we accept Mr. RD like Zerry, but to accept the whole thing? NO WAY MAN.... (and girls)

We stay lil bit longer in the canteen to longer our heated conversation and check out  Mr. RD  (he was cute!)

Oh ya...gotta know that Miss May is the "orang tengah". Pshh..-_-   that minah..no wonder Zerry kinda rapat with her for the past few months "ada gajah sebalik batu rupanya...."

I gotta almost freakin 4 HOURS tuition today. Goshh...so tired (then you should go to sleep NOW woman!)
Chill~~ I need to finish this...
We share this HOT gossip with Redcrown and she said "Oh..Aku pun dah tau.."  


Ayunk and me said that sentence almost the same time while whacking her head REAL hard - okay I'm being overly dramatic but its fun that way right?

Redcrown said... Bella (her friend) already knew it from her boyfriend which is Mr. RD's friend and Bella told her...(you got it? if not never mind...)

and thats it......the hottest gossip for today...probably the whole month. Geez I need to finish this exam faster and get a real life! I MISS OUT SO MUCH!

I'm out..need to skip school coz I have morning class tomorrow....=_=. Gud nite (or morning...)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

SPM Tips 2010 - Physics

(BIT – Berry Important Topics)

SPM Physics 2010 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 4531/1, 4531/2 and 4531/3

There are 10 chapters to be covered by your Physics teacher which all the chapters will be tested in Paper 1 SPM examination.

BIT Paper 1 (SPM 2010)
  • Chapter 2* Forces and Motion (average – 8 questions)
  • Chapter 3* Forces and Pressure (average – 8 questions)
  • Chapter 6 Waves (average – 6 questions)
* Berry Berry Important Topic

BIT Paper 2 Section A (SPM 2010)

Students need to answer all 8 compulsory questions from Section A.
Nearly all 10 chapters will be tested!
  • Chapter 2* Forces and Motion
  • Chapter 3* Forces and Pressure
  • Chapter 4* Heat
  • Chapter 5* Light
  • Chapter 6* Waves
  • Chapter 7* Electricity
  • Chapter 8 Electromagnetism
  • Chapter 9* Electronics
  • Chapter 10* Radioactivity
* SPM 2010 hot topics

Not so important
  • Chapter 1 Introduction of Physics
BIT Paper 2 Section B and Section C (SPM 2010)

Each section, students need to choose 1 question to answer out of 2 questions (Section B: question number 9 or 10) (Section C: question number 11 or 12)
  • Chapter 2 Forces and Motion
  • Chapter 3* Forces and Pressure
  • Chapter 4 Heat
  • Chapter 5* Light
  • Chapter 6* Waves
  • Chapter 7 Electricity
  • Chapter 8* Electromagnetism
* SPM 2010 hot topics

Not so important
  • Chapter 1 Introduction of Physics
  • Chapter 10 Radioactivity
BIT Paper 3 Section A and Section B (SPM 2010)

Each section, students need to choose 1 question to answer out of 2 questions (Section A Structured-Based Item: question number 1 or 2) (Section C Open Response Item: question number 3 or 4)
  • Chapter 1 Introduction of Physics
  • Chapter 2* Forces and Motion
  • Chapter 3 Forces and Pressure
  • Chapter 6* Waves
  • Chapter 7* Electricity
  • Chapter 8* Electromagnetism

* SPM 2010 hot topics

Not so important
  • Chapter 5 Light
  • Chapter 4 Heat
  • Chapter 9 Electronics
  • Chapter 10 Radioactivity

(Disclaimer: Students really should only use tips as last-minute narrowing of scope to study, after you have done studying everything many times and done all your past-year questions. There are not tips 100% or ramalan tepat, anybody who claim so is obviously not speaking the truth. So do only use this tips as supplementary to your studies and remember not to buy tips from websites online.)

source +credits : berryberryeasy.com

SPM Tips 2010 - Biology

SPM Biology 2010 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 4551/1, 4551/2 and 4551/3

Berry Important Topics (BIT) SPM Biology 2010 is out again! Young Berries do take notes with these entire BITS and do extra revision on these topics. This is just guidance for your revision.

BIT Paper 1

All the questions are evenly distributed, so there are not chances for you to skip any chapter. So work hard on these important chapters!
  • Chapter 2 – Cell Structure and Cell Organisation
  • Chapter 3 – Movement of substances across the plasma membrane
  • Chapter 6 – Nutrition
  • Chapter 10 – Transport
  • Chapter 12 – Coordination and responses
  • Chapter 13 – Reproduction and Growth
  • Chapter 14 – Inheritance
Not so important topic with the average 2 questions every year.
  • Chapter 5 – Cell Division
  • Chapter 7 – Respiration
  • Chapter 11 – Support and Locomotion
  • Chapter 15 – Variation
Totally not important
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Biology (0 question in every year)
BIT Paper 2 (Structure)
  • Chapter 2* – Cell Structure and Cell Organisation
  • Chapter 4* – Chemical Composition of the Cell
  • Chapter 5* – Cell division
  • Chapter 8 – Dynamic Ecosystem
  • Chapter 10* – Transportation
  • Chapter 14 – Inheritance
  • Chapter 15 – Variation
Not so important topic
  • Chapter 9 – Endanger ecosystem
  • Chapter 11 – Support and locomotion
  • Chapter 12 – Coordination and Response
BIT Paper 2 (Essay)
  • Chapter 7 – Respiration
  • Chapter 9* – Endangered Ecosystem
  • Chapter 12* – Coordination and Response
BIT Paper 3
  • Chapter 3 – Movement of substances across the plasma membrane
  • Chapter 6* – Nutrition
  • Chapter 8* – Dynamic ecosystem
  • Chapter 12 – Coordination and Response
*SPM Biology 2010 berry hot topic!

(Disclaimer: Students really should only use tips as last-minute narrowing of scope to study, after you have done studying everything many times and done all your past-year questions. There are not tips 100% or ramalan tepat, anybody who claim so is obviously not speaking the truth. So do only use this tips as supplementary to your studies and remember not to buy tips from websites online.)

source + credits : berryberryeasy.com

SPM Tips 2010 - Chemistry

(BIT – Berry Important Topics)

SPM Chemistry 2010 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 4541/1, 4541/2 and 4541/3

BIT Paper 1 (SPM 2010)
Form 4 Syllabus
  • Chapter 2 The Structure of the Atom
  • Chapter 3* Chemical Formulae and Equations
  • Chapter 6 Electrochemistry
  • Chapter 7* Acids and Bases
  • Chapter 8 Salts
  • Chapter 9 Manufactured substances in Industry
Form 5 Syllabus
  • Chapter 1 Rate of reaction
  • Chapter 2* Carbon compounds
  • Chapter 3 Oxidation and Reduction
  • Chapter 4* Thermochemistry
* Berry Important Topic (every year)
Not important
  • Chapter 1 (F4) Introduction to Chemistry
BIT Paper 2 (SPM 2010)
Form 4 Syllabus
  • Chapter 2 *The Structure of the Atom
  • Chapter 3 Chemical Formulae and Equations
  • Chapter 4 Periodic Table of Elements
  • Chapter 5 *Chemical Bonds
  • Chapter 6 Electrochemistry
  • Chapter 9 Manufactured substances in Industry
Form 5 Syllabus
  • Chapter 1 *Rate of reaction
  • Chapter 2 Carbon compounds
  • Chapter 3 Oxidation and Reduction
  • Chapter 4 Thermochemistry
  • Chapter 5 *Chemicals for consumers
* Berry Important Topics (every year)
Not important
Form 4 Syllabus
  • Chapter 7 Acid and Bases
  • Chapter 8 Salts
BIT Paper 3 (SPM 2010)
Form 4 Syllabus
  • Chapter **5 Chemical Bonds
  • Chapter 6  Electrochemistry* (Frequency in SPM = 2)
  • Chapter 7 Acids and Bases* (Frequency in SPM = 3)
  • Chapter **8 Salts
  • Chapter 9 Manufactured Substances in Industry* (Frequency in SPM  = 2)
Form 5 Syllabus
  • Chapter 1 Rate of Reaction
  • Chapter **3 Oxidation and Reduction
  • Chapter **4 Thermochemistry* (Frequency in SPM = 2)
* SPM (2003 - 2009)
** SPM 2010 hot topics

(Disclaimer: Students really should only use tips as last-minute narrowing of scope to study, after you have done studying everything many times and done all your past-year questions. There are not tips 100% or ramalan tepat, anybody who claim so is obviously not speaking the truth. So do only use this tips as supplementary to your studies and remember not to buy tips from websites online.)

source + credits : berryberryeasy.com

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm not in a good condition + hectic life!

Haven't talk bout my life for quite a while right....
Well...the countdown for SPM start already (Hey girl it suppose to start since last 3 MONTH! or 6 MONTH!)
Ok..ok...tapi biasalah kita human...last2 minute baru nak SEDAR DIRI kan?? It good Aku sedar diri sebulan sebelum, kalau seminggu sebelum or sehari sebelum...tak ke parah tu.. (I'm a good SPM candidates okay....)

These past few days I've been extremely busy.....tuition classes are everyday, kat sekolah ada pecutan SPM.
Seriously..bukannya aku tak setuju dengan pecutan tuhh.....but it makes me jadi takde masa untuk buat revision tau.
Kerja from tuition bertan-tan banyaknya....tak masuk the syllibus yang sedang diajar and Add Math revision question..

Aku ingat, kat sekolah can relax a bit....siapkan revision Add Math..study.... tapi ada pecutan pulak....
Skip school?? not a good IDEA. Cikgu2 tu dah jadi cam Along plak main ugut2....nak cakap salah... takleh, nak cakap betul...kita plak terasa annoyed by that.

maybe sebab terlalu busy, lack of rest and sleep, constantly skip lunch...aku jadi camnie nie...T__T

Tengah DEMAM sekarang nie... (eh?eh? demam pun kau boleh blogging ekk???)
Bukan demam teruk sampai tak boleh bangun....
just light fever jerr.... backache sampai sekarang (seriously aku taktau kenapa..) , pening kepala last Friday (maybe coz tak cukup tidur and of my sensitive self to heat and rain =_=)
My shoulder felt stiff, lose my appetite to eat (not completely lose, but me...feel malas nak MAKAN? thats a big problem there!) and my upper body felt warm but my feet felt cold...
Minyak cap kapak is my close buddy now...I need it to be able to sleep and feel comfortable
How pathetic~~~

completely uncomfortable and I have no mood to STUDY!

Please let me be healthy and happy again so that I can finish my revision~~~

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The result of my lil brothers quarreling, a 32 inch LCD.

Since last week that I remembered, dua orang adik-adik aku asyik bergaduh pasal TV, yang sorang nak tengok sinetron... yang sorang nak tengok kartun, yang sorang nak tengok Siti Kelembai... yang sorang lagi nak tengok Power Rangers.

Berebutlah dua-dua tuhh.... yang pasti, yang besar sikit tu akan mengalah sebab yang kecik tu akan meraung dan menangis....
Mulalah complaint sana sini..."awat tak beli TV baru jer?"....since ada 3 TV kat rumah tuh, tapi 2 daripadanya dah ROSAK.
Whats the use simpan TV rosak anyway??

So...semalam dengan jayanya....my parents bought a new 32inch LCD.
Balik2 jer dari jamuan raya kat sekolah semalam...tertanya-tanyalah aku kemana diorang pergi...rupanya pegi beli TV. Pshh..

Hmmmm....what a life..... adik-adik aku bergaduh punya pasal...parents aku belikan TV supaya tak gaduh.
Sayangnya parents aku kat anak diorang ekk...

Anyway my lovely mama and ayah.... since you bought new TV for those brats, AND thats! even not really necessary....
So, when are you gonna buy my handphone or my camera that I asked since.....(lets count..emmm..) 6 MONTH AGO!!!!
You're so unfair! I'm tired waiting and waiting here..since I'm a nice daughter...I don't say anything till now..
Let see how longer I can wait... (before I burst out worse)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kenapa aku tak suka gerimis...

Ada sebab kenapa aku tak suka betul bila gerimis, salah satu sebabnya.....
aku nie sensitif dengan hujan gerimis.

Aku nie takleh kena gerimis walau sikit pun....exposed kat hujan gerimis walaupun tak sampai 10 seconds...the next thing aku akan diserang sakit kepala. Berdenyut-denyut kepala aku...

Plus, aku kan naik motor untuk ulang-alik ke sekolah - rumah - tuition , so kalau gerimis tuhh...sah sah aku takde pilihan lain selain pakai redah jerr... Tapi pastu...bersedialah untuk diserang sakit kepala.

Macam kes semalam, aku nak berangkat ke tempat tuisyen..tiba2 gerimis plak, aku redah je sebab dah lambat...tapi...malamnya.....berdenyut-denyut kepala akuhhhh.....aduhh...

Tido la dalam 1 jam pas Maghrib....ringan skit pastu wat la homework yang ada...tapi tengah malam tu..datang balik die... sampai la pagi nie....aku skip school sebab sakit kepala..hmm...

Maybe sebab hujan zaman sekarang dah banyak toksik dan pencemaran...sebab tu la kot...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Officially aku dah bersara

Mulai 01/09/2010 semalam, secara rasminya aku dah bersara dari Lembaga Pengawas beserta dengan pengawas2 Form 5 yang lain2 tuhh...

Objektifnya..of coz la sebab nak bagi kitorang nie rehat and concentrate untuk exam yang akan datang...

So, sekarang nie...aku jalani kehidupan sekolah yang biasa2 jer...
~ tak yah rush2 pagi2 untuk sampai awal
~ tak yah handle assembly pagi
~ tak yah panggil bebudak beratur
~ tak yah carik pengawas2 yang bertugas perhimpunan pagi
~ tak yah buat jadual tugasan
~ tak yah buat rondaan waktu rehat
~ tak payah buat laporan bulanan


sekarang aku...
~ beratur kat dlm barisan kelas mcm yg lelain
~ masuk awal ke kelas
~ lepak ngan kengkawan yg lelain time rehat

and semua yang aku teringin nak buat

Tapi....macam mana sekalipun...aku still rindu tugas2 aku yang dulu. Memang la penat and stressful, tapi...semuanya dah jadi rutin hidup....memang terasa glerr la bila nak ubah rutin hidup bertahun2 tuh dalam mse 1 hari...

Bebudak pengawas yang lelain tuhh..."don't miss me okay"
(ke..korang lagi suka aku dah bersara nie =_=...memang aku tau sesetengah yang "terlebih" gembira bila aku dah bersara...takpe..takpe...)

Anyway...aku bersara dari tugas je tau..tittle aku still ada lagi ekk sampai hujung tahun.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sudden outburst in the morning

Pagi ni..memang aku pun terkejut jugak arr dengan diri aku sendiri...

Macam biasa sebagai ketua pengawas yang paling bertanggungjawab dan berdedikasi di abad ini (semua ni fakta mengikut kamus dewan hidup aku haha XD) aku take care perhimpunan pagi macam biasa, panggil siapa MC untuk hari tu, tetapkan bila nak nyanyi lagu Negaraku, nak suruh pelajar2 beratur..

Tapi pagi ni... taktaulah...
MC bertugas dah panggil pelajar suruh beratur ikut kelas masing2. Tapi budak2 nie..buat selamba badak diorang jer...pekakkan telinga. (bukan selamba badak lagi, dah selamba GAJAH dah nie!)

Aku plak dah geram....terus aku grab mic, apelagi aku mengamuk la awal2 pagi tu! dengan cikgu kat sebelah aku (alah..cikgu Midah jer pun, aku bet dia pun xkan bleh control pelajar,,cyelah..)

nampak la jugak muka2 tak puas hati aku marah2 diorg...
yang korang tak dengar arahan buat selamba dek jer spe sruh...hari2 cmnie bleh tension aku dibuatnya tau tak!

Tapi maybe tu last aku buat kot cmtu kot...pas jer aku mengamuk tuh..ada gak 2-3 org cikgu tegur..."awak ke yg mengamuk awal2 pagi tadi?" aku rse diorg tak kisah sangat coz dah tahu sangat dah perangai budak2 yg degil yg amat nie....tapi malu jugak wohh..

Pasni kne sabar skit...bulan puasa kne banyak sabar ye tak??

p/s : akhir bulan nie nak bersara...lega skit....takdelah banyak sangat beban lagi.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kisah Lavender dan Chrysanthemum

Kisah Lavender dan Chrysanthemum nie adalah kisah yg paling hangat dan mengejutkan aku untuk minggu lepas.  
Something that I can't believe that it was exactly true and I don't even have a clue all this while. How dense have I become anyway? Adakah aku terlalu mengabaikan dunia sekeliling aku pada masa ini?

P/S : Aku takkan mention nama sebenar orang2 yang terlibat dalam kisah nie...sebab ianya terlalu P&C untuk didedahkan.

Semuanya bermula pada satu hari sekolah yang tenang dan aman sentosa (cehh wahh...bunyi mcm menipu plak aku nie :-p) 
Chemistry class and by the way....ada 6 people in the class. Cuma kitorang je budak2 Melayu. Others.....they went for Program Teknik Menjawab SPM P.Moral.

Out of the blue, tiba2 kitorang start gossiping about people around us....you know...couple2 yang baru muncul, bekas2 couple, and certain people yang seems suspicious. It was so fun...baru aku sedar rupa2nya banyak gosip2 dan skandal2 hangat yang aku masih taktau...Whatta shame!

Thinking of good story to tell my friend, I blurted out Chrysanthemum's secret (Chrysanthemum is a close friend of mine and it happens that Lavender and Chrysanthemum is my classmate anyway...)
Well...its not a secret I think...since everyone knew bout it already...and Chrysanthemum didn't say anything about keeping it as a secret or whatever.

It was like this...Chrysanthemum digosipkan dengan seseorang (lets call him Mr.Y?) sebab dikatakan bahawa diorang nie kelihatan "terlebih" rapat dalam satu event. Chrysanthemum betul2 susah hati bila dapat tau...she told me..... and heck! I called the people who made that gossip as total STUPID ASS!
That was impossible for goodness sake! I knew Chrysanthemum well and that gossip was totally REKAAN SEMATA-MATA.

As I remember.....Tengku whisper to me about something related to it.(>.< Ahh...I just love you for telling me secrets that you don't tell others, I know I'm lucky right?? XD)
Tengku cakap...because of that gossip, Lavender jadi sangat moody dan sedih hari tu. Bila dia tanya...is he okay? Lavender cakap dia okay and of course he put on some fake smile.
So, Tengku try la slow talk. Finally.... Lavender blurted out that.... 


and of course my reaction is..."WHAT!!!!! ARE YOU SE...SE..SERIOUS??" This is crazy! I can't even interpret the data in my brain. It was just like an impossible fact!
and Tengku went like..."Believe me, aku berani sumpah!" of course I can see that he's really telling the truth.

Then...come some evidents from others...like they saw...Lavender selalu tenung someone around that class...
Dayah nampak some peristiwa dalam bas where this person tried to take this person picture and so..and so...and so...
Kiranya macam.....setiap event yang diorang nampak dah ada sebab yang jelas dan kukuh!

Fuhh....I need few days to actually "TERIMA" berita yang terlalu mengejutkan nie. My heart still doki doki when I write this blog though. Huuuzzzz =_=

Anyway...I won't tell Chrysanthemum...coz If she knew...dia akan susah hati and stress. I don't want that.

P/S: Gonna start spying on Lavender coz we wanna some "bukti super kukuh!"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sahabat dan Chemistry

sahabat ibarat isotop...walaupun nukleon prinsip brbeza tp 
proton kesefahaman yg sama..
dan berlaku hidrolisis untuk membuang unsur2
negatif pada terminal positif bagi menghasilkan polimer 
persahabatan yg mencapai tahap kestabilan 
...ukhwah yg oktet..;)


pening dan agak mengelirukan? memang....jika dibaca sekali imbas, tetapi kalau baca berulang kali, cuba mendalami (dan sambil-sambil tu cuba revise balik buku Chemistry) maknanya sangat indah dan bermakna.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Malunya aku......glamour je lebih! [Festival Nasyid SMKSP]

Hari ni selamat sudah berlangsungnya Festival Nasyid SMKSP.
Lebih 20 kumpulan dari Form 1 sampai la Pra-U bawah menyertai pertandingan nasyid nie.
Of course my group, (aku, Muazz, Fatiqah, Dayah, Yaya, Azira, Ika) dah buat persediaan untuk pertandingan nie. Mecca 2 Medina, itu nama yang kitorang pilih untuk kumpulan kitorang. Bersesuaian dengan tema ala Arabian. Dengan serba berjubah hitam ala minah saudi, kitorang membawa kelainan dengan membawa gimik istimewa (kami berpurdah!). Ya...purdah tu gimik semata-mata, hanya permulaan saja berpurdah.
Kitorang dah berlatih setengah mati untuk hari nie....

Semalam...tuisyen pukul 2, habis jer class about 3.30 aku terus ke sekolah untuk Jazz Chant's practice (ada persembahan Isnin nie) lepas tu...aku teman Fatiqah & Dayah practice, diorang nak "smooth"kan lagi muzik. Sampai serak-serak aku nyanyi, biasa jadi bass jer..nie kne jadi lead vocal plak. Sure la kantoi kat part high pitch. About 6.30 baru aku balik (thank god my mom tak soal apa-apa).

So...hari nie, Mecca 2 Medina is the 1st group to perform. Menggigil siot...terketar-ketar aku pegang microphone!
Kitorang mulakan intro dengan "Annalisa"

Then, terus main song "Egois" nyanyian kumpulan Mestica

Lastly, habiskan dengan sedikit chorus dari "Insha Allah" nyanyian Maher Zain

I hate to admit, tapi memang kitorang tak dapat buat dengan baik la....

1) Muzik hancur sikit at certain part (no offence to music player)
2) Harmony memang agak tak jadi
3) Lead vocal pun crack sikit kat high part (but Muazz you're still da best)
4) Aku! (aku pun tak taulah apa yang aku buat, nyanyi macam hambar then I feel like my mic is not working!)

Kitorang turun pentas dengan sedikit harapan untuk tempat ketiga atau kedua. 1st place??? nahh....we can't deserve it since we're not so good. Sautul Ummah pimpinan Wawa mesti dapat punyalah (diorang kan kumpulan nasyid sekolah...) Kira agak terlatih la...

Menghabiskan 20++ kumpulan memang letih....not to mention yang memang performance hancur (boring glerr). Aku ada tugas, merekodkan semua performance dalam video. So, I stay beside the camcorder all the time.
Lepas semua kumpulan habis ada "encore" performance (semantara judges kira markah), gabungan pelajar form 5.  Naz and Afiq yang bertindak selaku M.C untuk hari tu, tak segan2 menonjolkan bakat.
Surprised!! Afiq boleh plak bergelek atas pentas tuhh....(Masyaallah!!! serupa belly dancer dari Arab daa....)

Saat-saat yang dinantikan, keputusan......
(Kategori Menengah Atas)

tempat ketiga - kumpulan kakak-kakak dari Pra-U bawah (vocalist die memang suara sedap glerr)
tempat kedua - kumpulan Hazimah ( ada...Azleen, Ain, Azura, Khir and banyak aku tak ingat...)
tempat pertama - as expected, Sautul Ummah. 

kitorang?? jangan ditanya la....malu glerr siot... ye arr....kitorang berlatih huhahuha, konsep sikit punya glamour, baju..jangan cakap arr...kalah group lain! Tapi..last2?? even tempat ketiga pun takleh nak grab.

Tapi, ketua juri (Cikgu Rosli) pun ada cakap....dia nilai berdasarkan penghayatan lirik dan paduan suara. Yang menang tu semua lagu agak sedih-sedih dan slow pace la....penuh unsur ketuhanan.
Kitorang....lagu rancak, biasa la....fresh nasyid punya...tak main la slow and sad nie...

Anyhow..............MEMANG DAH MALU GLERR NIE!!! huhuhuhuhu *sorok muka*

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Debaran JPJ lagi

Hari ni pergi belajar motor lagi untuk test JPJ esok.
Pukul 8.00 pagi aku dah tercongok kat depan pintu menunggu Cikgu GG.

8.09...... macam biasa lambat la nie
8.13.......eikk? tak datang2 lagi...
8.25.......takpe2 aku tunggu 5 min lagi, mesti ada hal tu...
8.31.......jadi ke tak nie!
Terus aku masuk dalam rumah, pinjam handphone mama (coz my hp dah hilang dan belum ada pengganti =_=) SMS cikgu GG

'Ari ni blaja motonye jadi ke x?'  

seminit kemudian....

'Jd tngu jap'

Fuhh...nasib baik ada, kalau tak sia2 je aku bangun awal2 pagi cmnie...
dalam 10 min tunggu, akhirnya sampai gak.

aku just belajar laluan Bahagian 2 je coz itu yg tak lulus ari tuh..
Buat la dalam 10 round camtu (taktaulah exactly berapa....tak kira pun)
Dalam pukul 10.30 ++ camtu stop dah....tak laratlah tangan sakit (handle motor tu keras sangat) pastu panas pulak.

Surprise! aku terjumpa kenalan lama. Bukanlah kawan, just someone that I know. Boleh kira that someone tu ialah ketua geng mafia time sekolah rendah dulu.... We exchange glances for couple of second, aku ingat dia tapi taktaulah dia kenal diri I ni siapa (harap-harap tak kenal la...)
...yelah, siapa tak ingat budak paling brutal dan kurang ajar sekali time kat sekolah rendah dulu, Amin.

Rupa-rupanya dia ambik lesen kereta dengan cikgu GG jugak. Cikgu GG banyak complaint pasal dia, degil, tak nak dengar cakap katanya. So, I guess...he never change huh.. Taktaulah...

Macam-macam gelagat kat Institut memandu tu hari ni....gelagat budak-budak baru yang langsung tak pandai bawak motor. Terkial-kial diorang bawak, kesian cikgu yang mengajar tuh...siap kena tolong dorong dari belakang sebab budak tu tak berani nak naik meniti papan.

Hehehehe ^_^
teringat first time aku belajar naik motor dulu. Still standard 5 lagi tau! and of course without my mom knowing it. Just a sister that I know ajar aku bawak motor, masa tu......memang terkial-kial and nervous jer rasanya...takut betul nak pusing minyak.

Hmmm....tomorrow nak ambik lagi JPJ test untuk Bahagian 2.
Perasaan? of course la nervous...aku tak nak pisang berbuah dua kali.
Harap-harap boleh lulus dengan jayanya esok.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Kegagalanku dalam Ujian JPJ

Ya, aku baru je balik dari IMPD. Aku ambik JPJ test untuk lesen P motosikal, dan berita sedihnya.....aku GAGAL!!!
Waaaa!!!! TT__TT sedihnya.....kecewa sungguh aku rasa.
Well aku bukannya gagal keseluruhan, cuma gagal Ujian Bahagian 2 je.
Tapi still....aku rasa sedih dan kecewa dengan kelalaian sendiri. Dua orang kakak yang sama-sama dengan aku ambik test lulus semuanya, diorang pun ambik test untuk kereta dan alhamdulillah diorang lulus jugak.
Cuma aku seorang je yang terkandas, masa bagitau kat Cikgu GG (cikgu sekolah memandu) yang aku gagal...muka dia kecewa je....macam nak menangis aku masa tu tau..

Punca aku gagal cuma one slight mistake jer. Bahagian 2 ada 5 item untuk lulus, aku kandas kat item pertama - MENITI PAPAN. Syarat untuk lulus mesti melebihi 7 saat dan kaki tak boleh cecah papan/jalan. Ini yang aku buat mistake. Careless and stupid mistake! Masa kat hujung papan tu, aku terlalu slow and eventually lost balance. Masa try nak balance balik, secara tak sengaja kaki kiri aku "ter"cecah jalan sikit...memang unlucky bagi aku...pegawai JPJ tu nampak kesilapan tu dan terus pangkah result aku, everything yang lain  - laluan kon, emergency break, pusingan 8 dan selekoh tajam semua lulus dengan jayanya...cuma tulah...meniti papan tu.

Terpaksalah aku ulang balik test Bahagian 2 tu next time (meaning kena tambah duit lagilah gamaknya - alamak, ayah mesti bising punyalah!)
Cikgu GG pun cakap maybe bukan rezeki aku hari ni, walaupun kecewa tapi nak buat macam mana kan? Bukan rezeki aku untuk lulus 100% kali ni...so takpelah..terima dengan redha jerr...

P/S: Actually aku habis pukul 11 tapi terpaksa balik sampai pukul 4 sebab nak menunggu kakak berdua tu bawak JPJ jalan-jalan (ambik JPJ test la....). Bosan menunggu tapi jumpa seorang kawan baru! Baik betul kakak tu ^_^

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Joke Story : Doctors Meeting

Doctors meeting

A group of psychiatrists were attending a convention. Four of them decided to leave, and walked out together. One said to the other three, "People are always coming to us with their guilt and fears, but we have no one that we can go to when we have problems." The others agreed.

Then one said, "Since we are all professionals, why don't we take some time right now to hear each other out?"

The other three agreed.

The first then confessed, "I have an uncontrollable desire to kill my patients."

The second psychiatrist said, "I love expensive things and so I find ways to cheat my patients out of their money whenever I can so I can buy the things I want."

The third followed with, "I'm involved with selling drugs and often get my patients to sell them for me."

The fourth psychiatrist then confessed, "I know I'm not supposed to, but no matter how hard I try, I can't keep a secret..."

Friday, May 7, 2010

5 Alpha's 2010 Trip - Sunway

29/10/2010 (Khamis)

So, after that our next destination is Sunway Pyramid. Most of them pergi sini kata nak main ice skating, but for me...aku nak pergi jalan2 and shopping!
Sampai kat Sunway dalam pukul 1.30 tgh hari. Masuk je...kitorang terus cari toilet and BERTUKAR! (tukar baju la...)

Tapi...masa ni la sampai satu malang kat aku. aku dengan tak perasannya...rupa-rupanya..tertinggal wallet aku kat dalam bas! and aku memang takde satu sen pun kat tangan aku. Punyalah panik & frustnye masa tu..Tuhan je yang tau. Aku try call cikgu, cikgu kata cuba cari bas tu kat luar kot2 la still ada...aku berlari pergi cari...last2 bas dah TAKDE. "Ya Allah...cemana la aku nak buat ni". Aku try call cikgu lagi, berkali2..tapi tak dapat...so we decide aku pinjam duit kengkawan dulu..nanti bayar balik. Tengah jalan2 cari tempat makan, cikgu call.."syukur..". Cikgu suruh cari dia kat Jusco Food Court, bila jumpa dia...cikgu bagi aku pinjam duit dia dulu...
Fuhh...kira ok la...takde aku susahkan kengkawan (yelah kot2 diorang nak shopping ke...karang aku pinjam tak cukup plak duit kan..) and the most important is...tak terbantut niat I nak shopping! ^^

So, kitorang pun carilah KFC (nak carilah KFC pun satu hal...punyalah jauh kitorang pusing-pusing nak cari...rupa2nya dengan dengan ice ring)
Muazzah dah excited tengok orang main ice skate..die kata nak main sangat. Tapi..pape hal pun..isi perut dulu ye..

makan..makan..jangan segan2 ye kak...

1stly memang Muazzah & Yaya kata diorang nak main ice skate. Aku kata..."korang mainlah biar aku shopping ngan Dayah berdua", but then dia kata taknak main pulak. Maybe dia rasa tak best kot sebab berdua je ngan Yaya..."takpe la Muazz..lain kali kita pergi lagi ek..ko main la puas2 nanti".

seronok tengok gelagat orang main ice skate nie...yang pandai ada kat tengah2...skate dengan laju dan macam2 gaya...
yang tak pandai..duk jelah kat tepi2..
rasanya yang tak gerak langsung pun ada! haha XD

Kitorang jalan2 la shopping - dengan erti kata sebenar...menemankan Dayah shopping..budak gila shopping nie kalau shopping memang tak ingat dunia. Kitorang yang tunggu dia kuar dari fitting room sengsara tau...lama glerr...
Nasib baik dia beli, kalau tak...memang aku pelangkung kepala minah tuhh...

Memang letih la berjalan... so, duk rehat jap..

yang kat belakang tuh..eye candy..XP

Jalan..jalan..jalan...macam2 tempat kitorang singgah dan tengok..ala..window shopping jer..kan seronok tuhh.. tapi aku yang keluar dulu dari shopping mall tu sebab aku dah penat & tak larat...diorang still nak naik tingkat atas nak round lagi...

Oh ya! apa yang aku beli ekk?? nilah nak kasi tau nie...

Masa pergi Jusco untuk kali kedua...aku beli snack sikit untuk travel esok (esoknya aku nak pergi Bentong pulak)

this is the first thing that I buy... next

yeahh!! Tohoshinki BEST SELECTION 2010 Album...

OMG! I've been dreaming to buy this...finally I made it!!

since the price is not so bad.. (RM 44.90)
and since I can't afford the other version (that has to be around RM200 above) I buy this without 2nd thought.
But, aku macam kira terlambat la...this album suppose to come with free poster (while stock last) - tapi poster dah habis la...
takpelah...janji aku akhirnya dapat beli jugak album ni!! ^_^

So, itu sajalah untuk hari Khamis ni....sampai rumah dalam pukul 7.30 malam (nasib baik aku suruh ayah yang hantar pagi tadi, kalau tak naik motor malam2 la jawabnya..)
Rasanya inilah trip terakhir untuk kelas Alpha '93' batch. Lepas ni dah SPM dah habis sekolah..ntah dapat jumpa & kumpul ramai2 macam ni lagi tak...tak taulah...

Ok...sampai rumah aku memang penat sangat...nasib baik aku dah siap packing barang untuk kem kat Dusun Eco Resort esok. Ok bye!

5 Alpha's 2010 Trip - Petrosains

Actually banyak benda berlaku baru-baru ni..cuma aku tak sempat nak tulis kat blog. So hari ni aku nak citer habis-habisan kalau boleh..hehehehe. Ok kita start flashback ye..

29/04/2010 (Khamis)
Hari yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh seluruh 5 Alpha (well..most of it), hari kitorang akan pergi trip! 
^.^ seronoknya! macam tahun lepas kitorang pergi trip ke KL ramai-ramai satu kelas under Cikgu Nora'anni (library).
Kalau tahun lepas kitorang pergi KL Tower, Muzium Telekom & Berjaya Time Square....tahun ni kitorang pergi Petrosains & Sunway Pyramid!
huhuhuhuhu *excited*excited*

Kitorang bertolak dalam pukul 7.30 pagi dan sampai about 9.30 pagi.

Daa...kita bertolak ke destinasi!

I duduk sebelah Miss G

And of course our first destination is Petrosains at KLCC. 
Sampai je Petrosains, kitorang dibawa masuk menaiki kapsul (kereta bentuk bulat)

well...this is how its look like, naik kapsul tu memang relax jer....macam bawak kite jalan2..sekeliling pulak gelap je..ape lagi..syok arr (tido pon sodap nieh..).
Sampai kat satu stesen..kitorang turun..pastu jalan la sekeliling sambil baca maklumat yang ada..try benda yang ada.
Everything is science, so actually its fun! Tapi, kitorang tak banyak sangat masa....so tengok2 & baca lebih kurang je la..

Macam-macam seksyen ada...

ok..first..ini macam..wayang kulit punya section.

seronok main benda ni, bayang2 berwarna..cantik kan?

Then, kita gerak ke Dinosour section

masuk2 je jumpa dengan Mr. T-Rex ni...jangan tak tau Mr. T-Rex akan sambut kita dengan nyanyiannye yang merdu (erkk...atau menakutkan..) setiap kali kita masuk

ada volcano kat belakang tuh...nampak tak? nampak tak? hehehe

Next, outerspace section..

This is something interesting to play with...ambik gambar muka kita kat satu device ni..and it will appear on this suit. So, kita nampak seolah-olah kita jadi angkasawan!
Its kinda funny actually...hahaha
wait...Miss G pun buat jugak tau..here the picture

she looks funny with eyes wide open..hahaha XD

Ok...out of all the things...rasanya yang paling best sekali ialah masa naik helicopter simulator.
Masa naik ni...kita akan rasa yang kita macam betul2 tengah terbang dengan helicopter, pergi ke pelantar minyak kat tengah2 Laut China Selatan. Dalam perjalanan..tiba2 ada petir pulak...so simulator ni akan bergoyang and kita rasa macam betul2.
Fuhh..memang best giler sehh...

nampak simulator kat belakang tu?
Itulah yang kitorang naik
Kalau datang ke Petrosains, jangan lupa naik helicopter simulator ye..
memang best!

Dalam pukul 11.20 pagi camtu...kitorang pun keluar...cikgu janji suruh berkumpul kat tingkat bawah pukul 11.30 pagi, still ada few minutes..
so aku ingat nak pergi shopping sikit.

Kita pergi Kinokuniya! aku selalu sangat dengar pasal tempat nie, tapi belum ada kesempatan nak pergi...so peluang yang ada tak boleh dilepaskan! (sekurang2nya kena tengok tempat tu macam mana)
Actually this place ialah kedai buku...macam MPH, Popular & Borders tu...
Seriously tempat nie besar sangat! macam2 jenis buku ada..cakap je apa semua ada..
tapi aku tak sempat nak pusing habis...sebab besar sangat and I don't have much time left. So aku just pergi my favourite section and grab some manga!

this is what I bought..
not much
Done with shopping, aku & kawan2 yang lain pun turun ke tingkat bawah. But anyhow, bas belum sampai lagi...lambat sikit...
so I just sitting around waiting...seriously rasa panas sangat..yelah KL, sesak, banyak kereta, asap sana sini, jerebu..mana tak panasnya...memang terasa bahang la..

all of them waited patiently

ini dua amoi sangat cute kan? 
It kinda remind me of Akihabara in Japan.

So then, bila bas sampai...kitorang naik dan bertolak ke destinasi seterusnya! Sunway!

bye2 KLCC c u again!