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Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'm at home right now, resting and wasting my time to my heart content before I'm doing something that... Ermmm... let's talk about that later.

The main reason aku update blog ni nak cakap pasal INPRO sebenarnya, so let's talk about that shall we?

INPRO 2012

Last Saturday, INPRO's Closing Ceremony were held in Stadium UiTM. Seriously it was so much fun this year! We the Ausmatians memang aku rasa yang paling bising sekali malam tu. We keep on making noise, whistle and cheers for our team.
Our Ausmat family support for this year memang awesome! Tabik you guys!
Kire~ green helium balloon~
Mr. A prepared 40 helium balloons for our surprised event tonight!

Everyone, each with a green balloon on their hand (matched with our green T-shirt) create a beautiful scene there~
I'm sure Ausmat nampak paling meriah!

The last event untuk malam tu is the marching parade. Every program marching team would march along the track and make a performance!

Aku memang nervous giler malam tu since I'm involved in teaching the Ausmat's juniors for the performance.
Well... maybe my involvement tu tak adalah sebesar mana to compare with others, but still... I'm worried and nervous for them! >.<
Kumpulan Teknikal Jepun (KTJ).
Baju kimono tu cantik sangat >.<
payung tu pun... nak satu~

The outstanding achievers!
Ausmat's marching team! *proud* *proud*

Firework as a momento of the event
Cantik sangat!

A-Level start their performance first!
pretty synchronize movement
Oh! in the end they dance to Gangnam Style

Korean Program with their traditional dance
Each of them wore a mask. 
The music is really beautiful, this traditional dance represent emotion or something... 
if I'm not mistaken la...
Hanbook tu cantik~~

Korean Program again with modern Kpop dance! Just guess how my reaction?
They dance to:
B.A.P - No mercy
Beast - Beautiful night
Wonder Girls - Like this
and lastly Gangnam Style!
with Psy wannabe along~ haha XD

I'm sorry that I don't have any of the Ausmat's performance pictures... coz that time I'm busy with the props and preparation (I'm the backstage crew!)
But I found the video!
credit: nazu2308

*duduk bersimpuh gaya Jepun*
Everyone! I ask a favour from you who actually read this post... please watch that video!

We start our performance with Rihanna & Nicki Minaj - Fly as to show our spirit to win.
Claps for the pom poms squad! They've done so well! (I'm their coach! oh~~ *sobs*sobs*)
Then the sexy umbrella dance (sexy ke?) of Mr. Loba Loba (what's actually the name of the song?)
Proceed with the cool movement of Pinkdolls - White (from White OST) 
then the two guys with freestyle dance 
again the cool guys for B.A.P - Warrior stomping styled - I'm falling in love! <3
Once again the pom poms and dancers for Miley Cyrus - Hoedown Throwdown (from Hannah Montana the movie), the most difficult routine of all. Salute for them!
We're all in this together (from High School Musical) followed and lastly upacara pelepasan belon!
handsome stomper's guys!

When the results were announced, we didn't won anything for the marching competition. I felt a little disappointed...but then it's okay... they already gave their 100% that night to present us such a beautiful performance! That's enough.. we don't need somebody else to recognize us as champion, coz we already know that we are champion!
credit: @dyanaranny
A scene that I would never forget.

I'm sure we scream the loudest when Ausmat were announced as the NAIB JOHAN for keseluruhan 
(A-LEVEL won the JOHAN)
Our pride, our face water (air muka actually~)... akhirnya... kita boleh mendongak ke langit dan berkata "We are the champion!"
credit: @NaimZailan
wajah-wajah ceria the Ausmat's family!

Madam... we won this for you! (to our Head of Program)

Lastly there's an encore... at first just for A-Level only who won the performance, but atas permintaan ramai...Korean pun buat encore juga~
It seems really fun... everyone gather around and when it's Gangnam Style, everyone gathered and dance together!
Just show how much Psy ajusshi punya Gangnam Style punyalah popular!


How did I involved with this stuff? Actually... I volunteer myself to help.
Since everyone else seems like they berusaha bersungguh-sungguh, training, sacrifice their time, getting injured and everything for the sports event - futsal, basketball, netball, volleyball, bowling, ping pong, frisbee etc etc
I'm not good in any of that, so I can't play the sports... and I don't even attend the game to support Ausmat's team due to certain reasons.
I felt guilty... and I felt that... I need to do something for Ausmat. So, when I heard that our marching team need help. I don't hesitate to pick my phone and text certain related people. So... that's how I'm "in". 

At the beginning, memanglah excited... but then troubles came and pressure become unbearable. We faced certain problems, we changed our plan for so many times, we almost argue among ourself and with the trial exam just around the corner... one would say... I'm digging my own grave. But I'm glad that I'm not stepping back, coz in the end everything went okay. There's always solution for a problem.

Sabar itu memang suatu perkara yang kita susah sangat nak buat. Tapi, bila kita dapat terus bersabar... suatu hari kita akan dapat cakap "Nasib baik aku dapat terus bersabar sejak dari hari itu" sebab akhirnya kita dapat lihat sendiri... berkat hasil kesabaran kita.

I'm a normal human being with a lot of flaws and sins. I may said this and that at the beginning and I may forget what I said before
Therefore I need to remind myself from time to time, and start all over again and again.

Trial exam is over and I realize how I lack of a lot of things. Blank spaces here and there, not because there's not enough time... more because I don't know the right answers to put on that blank spaces. I realized that I'm not working hard enough - tired, busy, sleepy etc etc that's all just some excuses...
Kakak's word struck me like a lightning... I know and realize all the things that she said...but when she campak all of that on my face, I felt like crying for my own stupidity (I asked the brainwash from her by myself, but in the end... I'm the one who's brimming with tears)

May Allah ease my way and keep the spirit in my heart.

"people shouldn't dwell on the past. It's enough to try your best in all that you're doing now"
 - 1 Litre of Tears

p/s: to that dayung that I made a vow with... let's support each other towards the end, I need you and you may need me. Remind me if I forget, push me if I'm not moving, correct me if I make mistake and I'll do the same for you

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Journey of Raya 2012


Today is like the last day for Syawal..but then..still Syawal lagi, still raya lagi kan? kan? kan???

I'm going to post some picture story about my raya!
Hey cerita basi already la~ nobody wanna listen
La~la~la~la i don't hear anything
Selfish bastard!!
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *real evil laugh*


Raya pertama, rutin biasanya... after sembahyang raya we will visit my grandma's house first, then barulah pergi ziarah saudara-mara sebelah ayah
9 houses to finish up for the day!

my mom's air tangan is da best!
*notice pic at 2nd row on the right? that's resepi orang jawa...daging masak ungkep*

di pagi syawal yang hening... 
ku kucup tangan ayah bonda memohon keampunan
uhuhuhuhuhu T.T

The first house mestilah rumah nenek!

nenda terchenta!

the theme colour for the first day suppose to be grey...
but yeah well...
we change to orange!

ayah's baju melayu is very nice kan?
I'm the one who pick!!

tangga nostalgia
at rumah Mak Wek
*these two the most handsome for the day~*

cute cup
at rumah Wak Amat Tokit

at rumah Mak Usu
raya pertama always got food~
*chocolate cake!!*


Biasanya hari kedua raya, kitorang akan beraya rumah adik-beradik sebelah mama
5 houses to finish up!

Kita mulakan dengan gambar syok sendiri aku
hueh hueh hueh

Dah lama tak jumpa kuih batang buruk ni...
memang la rupa dia "agak" buruk
tapi sedap kot!

open house at rumah Wak Salam
*food again!*

at rumah Wak Mah - the tauke kerepek!

we're wearing grey for the second day!
at rumah Wak Latif

I spent with my friends!!
alamak!! Dayah tutup mata kegembiraan!
Ahaks XD

I guess we're just happy to see each other again after a long time~

Well...mungkin tak nampak sangat...
I do like children okay~
Baby is cute!!
*they're all my niece & nephew* call me Acik Fatin wuhuu~~

AUSMAT's raya celebration
*seriously didn't notice Mr. A was there behind me...
he just pop out from nowhere* =_=

we'll wrap up here