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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bits of Love

They're just some simple things
But deep inside... we knew that they're able to make us happy somehow...
able to give splash of colors in our dull day

jade bracelet from Beijing, a present from my mom
I like it anyway....
I wore it everyday
Remind me of my mom whenever I glance at it...
make me felt loved you know.

received a goody bag from our ESLS lecturer, Mr. Afiq
They're actually "lebihan" from his niece birthday party, so he gave to us (Eyre's students)
Kinda funny at first... coz the guys also got the same pattern of plastic bag (Dora, Disney Princess, Barbie)
kah kah kah kah
so sweet of him kan?

Masyi tak boleh menahan gembira dapat Disney Princess

sweet melihat Hakeem makan heart shaped candy tu~

my attempt to feel "kanak-kanak" sikit
(randomly Mr. Afiq dekat belakang)

thanks to Syifaa' coz introducing me with this lovely cookies
semalam pergi Sunway Pyramid terus beli kat Famous Amous

our love for "teh ais"
7 out of 10 I'll definitely order this drink...

however I settle for "teh-o ais" for tonight

p/s: I know my post a bit random and ridiculous somehow
Dah tak ada idea nak post apa, tapi nak jugak update blog...
nilah jadinya..
ok assalamualaikum

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