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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Low Tolerance of Shopping Spree

Good morning Malaysia!

Wah~ jarang-jarang aku bangun awal bila hujung-hujung minggu ni.
I think I got enough sleep since malam tadi pengsan macam kayu balak mati  (lll=_=)

at least aku tak tidur kat rak kasut

I'm in a horrible condition last night!
I guess sitting for 2 hours in the cinema theater watching "The Amazing Spider-man" done nothing good to my physical conditions. I got headache...

   (By the way... Spiderman best gilerr kot! Handsome doh hero baru tu! Hahaha XD)

Then, spending the next 2 and 1/2 hours shopping around making it worst I think?

   (jumpa Erma and Umai dekat Asian Avenue  :D)

and I end up not feeling good with no appetite to eat even I have a Hawaiian Chicken pizza in front of my eyes
I'm drained by the time we reach Kolej Akasia.

This kind of situation happened few times already, but I think I got the worst one yesterday.
Can you imagine when you're fond of shopping but then you can't stand being tired walking around etc etc

Shopping is fun!

Next time I have to minimize being too tired while shopping so that last night nightmare won't happen anymore (maybe.... no more watching movies for straight 2 hours?)
I'm seriously tired getting headache (feel like throwing up) whenever we're back from shopping.
I end up can't do anything except sleep.

I felt sorry to Des and Ann, I must have spoiled their mood for shopping and dinner with my "tak berseri" punya muka.
(I watched Des with tired eyes while she was choosing shoes)
Sorry you guys~

me wanna watch "Brave"

p/s: having cold pizza for breakfast this morning~

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