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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. A !

Selamat pagi Ahad~

Hari ni 8 Julai kan?  Happy 26th birthday for lecturer ESLS we all Mr. Afiq!

*throws confetti*
     *throws confetti*

Last Friday, the Eyre's family organized a surprised for Mr. A!
Supposely, we have a short sketch by the boys (since the gentlemen's team lost to the ladies in "Taboo Words" game last week, the punishment is a short sketch!) but the ending turns out to be a surprised for Mr. Afiq in which they brought a cake in and we sang "Happy Birthday" together~

Well an early surprised actually~

a nice and yummy cake~

speechless Mr. Afiq... maybe he's too shocked?

a hug for his beloved students
(boy's only okay~)

a performance by the boys~
Mr. A sang a song for us as well!

Such a sweet scene right?
Well... since Mr. Afiq is always so nice, considerate and sweet to us...
Aku rasa memang patut la we all do something special on his special day kan?

The Eyre's family

Anyway.. class being postponed for that day  *yeay* XD

p/s 1: I got the video for the sketch, but I'm not sure if I want to post it~

p/s 2: We have Korean friends again! But this time...memang different dari batch sebelum ni, diorang semua stylish, talkative and very very friendly....last batch....friendly jugak tapi macam malu-malu sikit..

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