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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Ghania [part 2]

So then...I also receives banyak wish from everyone....

Muazz nyanyikan lagu Hepi Bufday untuk aku dekat 10 kali...(different2 version pulak tuh...Mandarin and Tamil pun ada masuk sekali!) - TQ Muazz for your precious voice
And my k-pop chat friend Pei Xiu sing Hepi Bufday to me in Korean version!!! Rasanya sebab dia nyanyi korean version aku jadi hyper and happy (anything related to k-pop - esp. TVXQ will make me hyper - take note!)

In my Facebook....aku dapat lebih kurang 20 wishes tak silap...really..thank you for those yang wish.
Honestly, aku rasa happy sangat dengan semua wish tu..huhuhuhu ( " ; " )

Anyway...my best buddy Mr. Nic...forgot my bufday untill la Muazz remind him... hahaha I don't mind actually.... (dalam hati.."I do mind!")
But as long as he remember....thats good enough..

esoknya...Nic give me present.. (with his fav colour wrapper)
guess what inside?
Chocolate..... well aku tak makan sangat chocolate..
but anyway..TQ Nic!!!

Another suprise! my best dear friend Miss Frankie call me from SESERI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually I didn't expect her to call...since I know that she'll be very busy... but she did and I was so happy ^_^
Love you Frankie! <3 <3 <3 muack! muack! muackz!!

Btw, my another friend Mr. Alan...do not give me any call nor message..I wonder if he forgot my day...
(I'm okay if he send some message esoknye ke..but he didn't)
Well...aku tengah merajuk sekarang...I didn't contact him since that day...
(how long has it been? 2 weeks?)
huh - i don't care!

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