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Monday, January 9, 2012

Semester 2 di INTEC

Assalamualaikum. Selamat petang.
Entah kenapa aku rasa teringin nak update blog aku yang dah naik sawang ni. Maybe I wanna grab the chance while I can? After this mungkin busy giler...nak update pun tak menyempat nanti.

So, today is the 2nd week of January, also the 2nd week after I got back into college (INTEC).
Sebulan lebih sem break, most of the time were wasted lazying around.... (nak menyesal pun dah tak guna)

For the new semester, new class, new classmates, new lecturers.
I was placed in group E, Eyre. Zaf and Lin have their joy sharing the same group, Deakin while me and Ann have to separate. I'm in Eyre and Ann in Cairns.
We gotta different schedule now... let's see how that gonna be... It'll be just fine I believe.

As soon as we register ourselves in INTEC, End of Sem 1 examination results pun keluar. Don't ask me how was my marks. I'm in PMS mood that time and the situation.....
I'm THIS close to have a major break down.

Leonardo said...
THIS close

How scary if I really have a major break down..

Let's talk more about Eyre, I'm gonna be with those people for one year. Of course...I miss Foxton very much, but I need to cope with the situation alright...
They're 21 members in Eyre, all of us are Malay. Rasanya kitorang je kelas yang tak ada non-muslim.
I'm sitting at the front row, in the middle, exactly depan meja lecturer! The place that most people avoid, but I wanna try sitting there for my own good.
Oh ya... I've few people from Foxton with me Mus, Azwan and Zubir (Mus & Azwan tu memang suspicious, macam mana depa dapat kelas sama lagi--kalau jodoh memang tak ke mana kan?)

Officially, today we start our 1st class. 
The lecturers? Overall they're fine...
Some of them are quiet relax... I think the class will be fine
Just...chemistry lecturer. She's a bit fast, maybe I need some extra neuron to catch whatever she says... let's work hard on that..

oh..you guys are so sweet~~

Open the gate of 2012 with new hope and inspiration

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