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Monday, January 23, 2012

I Meet The Koreans


Actually I have a lot of things to tell from the past weeks. But can you believe that I'm too lazy to type it out? 
Even I got plenty of time during Friday morning....yeah..morning...coz  I don't have class that morning (I could feel the jealous stare of Ann, Zaf and Lin.... LOL XD kidding)
But I guess the flu just really drained out my energy (yeah... I catch flu last week) and I don't have the mood to blog after finishing my heavy load laundry.
Just laze around on my bed, being emo and stuff. I'm such a crybaby when I'm sick! yeah...I'm weird like that....  ( =__= )

So, the previous week, I've signed up for a program where we need to be conversational partner for the Korean students in INTEC. I mean... REAL Korean, not the Korean Program students okay~
They're here for about a month 
Me and Ann have been in deep thought about this matter, in the end we said that we should do it for at least having some "sparkle" in our hectic AUSMAT life.

Last Thursday, they finally arrange the meet up (Goshh!! I thought that I need to wait for another year!)
After a small reunion with Alan and Geetha, we're having Roti Impit as our lunch while chit chat a bit. Can you believe we've been in the same place for almost half year and we haven't lunch together yet? 
Ridiculous? yeah...tell me about it..
I went to the meeting around 1.00pm
Because we're afraid that  we're going to be awkward... Me, Des, Ann and Mus decided to be in the same group while managing TWO Korean girl.

They're really sweet~ Kim Hye Rim from Incheon (I should call her unnie...coz obviously she's older) and Kim Seo Hee from Seoul
(I don't have their picture, maybe I'll take one later.....)
Shhhh....... this is a secret, but actually I aim for Korean guy! Why the heck they gave us girl! Pffttttt!
(sending jealous glare to Fai's group, they got a HOT Korean guy!!)

Anyway..... terimalah jelah takdir yang telah ditentukan (aduhaii.....sedihnya ayat..)

Okay...we accompany them for lunch and have a little introduction conversation but sadly....their English.....they need to work a little harder.
and mostly.....there're lots of awkward silence..... OTL
We can't help it okay! They don't know what to talk about and I've finished my topic. Their English is not good so I can't bring in some heavy topic (cehh...pebenda ntah yang heavy sangat tu...)
So we decided to stay silent for most of the time (not ALL time though....I tried REALLY hard okay!)

We brought them around, showing our classes....but not that long. They need to get back to Akasia at 2.00pm coz they planned to crash Sunway Pyramid after that.

So..we're saying goodbye and hoping we could spend time with them after CNY break (me and Mus obviously... Ann and Des....they could meet then if they want to)

a/n : INTEC blood drive was on the same day, sadly I can't donate coz I've got flu
Okay... I admit! that just LAME excuse.... I have needle trauma OKAY! 

a/n2 : sorry if my post today seems like a drunk retard or doesn't make sense at all! I might cut off few wires while sneezing too hard or sucking too deep during my flu. Adios!

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