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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda, Seksyen 13

Dah pernah pergi perpustakaan baru kat Shah Alam tu? Alah..yang orang kata canggih nak mati tu!
Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda di Seksyen 13, Shah Alam.

Last weekend (I mean... previous..previous punya weekend) Me and my lovely, absolutely gorgeous roommate, Ann (saja bagi dia extra credit coz she lent me her phone to take picture around. My phone decide to play ON&OFF with me that particular week and I need to kopak my wallet to fix it! I save like beggar this month and you decide to just rip it off in one day!? such an insolent cellphone! Sabar jelah... tak lama lagi memang I'll ditch you for Samsung Galaxy! Just pray that day will come soon!)

Okay (take a deep breathe)...back to real story.
Aku dengan Ann decide to visit that library. After hearing betapa hebatnya library baru tu!
(Zaf tak habis-habis talk about Apple computer)
We have mission by the way, to find some books for our issue investigation. Perpustakaan 11 juta kat INTEC tu memang tak cukup! Dahsyat tak dahsyat?

We get there by taxi, RM12.00. Share la kalau nak jimat...
Paling lawak..our conversation with the taxi driver

"form berapa?"
"kami student kolej, belajar kat INTEC Seksyen 17 tu"
"ohh....baguslah you berdua ni. Biasanya student INTEC diorang pergi Sunway, enjoy, tapi you pergi sini... bermaksud you sangat mementingkan pelajaran na.. inilah yang kita nak"

and we both tahan gelak sangat-sangat!
Alahai uncle.....yang selalu pergi Sunway tu kitorang jugak la....just today you're lucky uncle..to send us to the library...

Sampai je pintu masuk...perghh!!! memang salute la!
we're amazed!

Siapa kata shopping mall je boleh jadi magnificent macam ni? Library pun boleh la!
Eskalator dia auto tau!!

every floor ada different coloured carpet

nice and comfortable couch..memang best giler..
nak melentok pun memang lena la...

Ni paling mantop sekali! Apple seyhhh!!!
cuma bayar RM1.00 untuk guna~
(sayangnya aku tak sempat nak try~)

We both tak bazir masa, finding the needed sources is our first priority!
(cehh...determine semacam je)

this is not acting..I'm really reading okay!

we're finding something about Biology in this rack...
believe it or not..
we didn't find anything useful...

lepas jumpa apa yang patut...
we decide to check out the cafe yang berada kat luar

the cafe is UP there!

nice view

since we've already had lunch before...just a little snack~

a very nice trip on weekend and we got some very useful books for our research.
Gonna come back later to return the books~

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