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Monday, November 19, 2012

The End of the Journey of an Ausmatians

7 November 2012

with the last paper for SACE, that was - - - C h e m i s t r y
that's the end for for all our trials and tribulations throughout the one year and a half in AUSMAT program.

10 November 2012

Ausmat 24/25 Graduation Dinner was held at Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Shah Alam.

Well... preparation memang macam kelam-kabut sikit la....
We fully use the few days before the dinner night to complete the whole attire

Basic pink flat 
bought at Asian Avenue of Sunway Pyramid

The dress?
I thinks it's more to jubah 
bought at Plaza PKNS

Since our theme for the night is Spring : The Eternal Beauty or something..?
thus the flower corsage

And the night came...
with those whom I share a lot of memories

Aliff Rusdi and Faiz Talip
Though you guys didn't win the 'best male attire award'
under my name.... I grant you both the award!

Umai (left) the anime enthusiast
Murni (centre) the kpop enthusiast
and Mus! (back) the fashionista!

my lovely housemates!
I wouldn't forget since the first day we live together...
until we need to say goodbye to each other
1.5 years sure is fast neh?

Deserie and Clausanta
my hangout buddies!

Krishna, Masyitah, Jaya and Christie
Jiran rumah bawah, I'll not forget Jaya's allergy of cats

Yap Sin Ni with Crystal
Crystal won the 'best female attire award'!
masin tak my mulut...I said before you have the best dress CCP! XP

these housemates won the 'most ionically bonded housemates award'
They all tinggal above my house, always together and not to mention very loud at times too~

dapat spoon fed special from Iffah!
Kak Tin takkan lupa hang yang selalu sangat dok mention "Hoya~Hoya~Hoya~"
sampai semua orang pening HaHa :-)

the golden voices of Ausmat!
Yen Fong, Wan Ju & Crystal performing "We Are Young"

The winner of 'golden voice award' pun buat performance juga
saudara Syafiq Mazli a.k.a PekMaz
I tell you...memang ramai peminat PekMaz ni!
walaupun PekMaz tak nyanyi lagu "Madah Berhelah" yang menobatkan dia sebagai juara AGT
tapi voice PekMaz memang terbaik! salute PekMaz!

Masa mula-mula nak start majlis, memang ada banyak kekurangan dan kesilapan teknikal yang berlaku
I think mostly on multimedia punya deparment, memang disappointed la... it cause mood semua orang jadi macam hambar.... 
I hope those juniors involved take notes of this kind of thing, next year jangan ulang lagi~

tak habis-habis refill~

dessert dia sedaaaaap sangaaatt! >,<
I go backward with my food
dessert --> main course --> appetiser
Hahaha XD like it like that!


with this Certificate of Attendance
I'm officially graduated from INTEC

Sayonara INTEC, we may meet again someday

p/s: balik rumah and dapat tahu Abang pakai BB sekarang
pfffffftttttt! Jealous! =_=

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