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Saturday, July 16, 2011

INTEC's Minggu Destini Siswa

Good evening.
On the previous post I promised to talk about MDS right?
So, basically "Minggu Destini Siswa" (MDS) is an orientation programme for the juniors of INTEC. We're INTECians man...takkan nak panggil "minggu orientasi" kot! Tak syoklah! If MDS kan sounds glamour gitu! Cehh...
Every year the juniors will surely go through this tiring week. It was tiring, but I can 'gerenti' you that it was really fun. Especially this year! The seniors are all the bestlah!
I'll just go briefly about the whole week of MDS.

1st Day (3/7/11)
The programme started at 1.00pm, right after the "Pendaftaran Pelajar". We all dibawa ke INTEC dekat Seksyen 17 and we're given some welcoming speech, briefing about INTEC, about the courses, rules, dos and don'ts dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

memang boring.... (eleh...asal ceramah je boring, asal taklimat je boring) but no other choice, you need to know about the place that you're going to study right?
Then we have 'Group Binding' where we're separated according to programmes. Some seniors of the same programmes will show you around and there're Q&As session about the programmes and generally about life in INTEC or college. Time inilah nak bombard your seniors with all kind of questions!
Later at night, another taklimat. We finished the day at 10.30pm.

2nd Day (4/7/11)
Today is Monday, so INTEC students wajib berbaju kurung for the girls while shirt, slack and necktie for the guys. Don't forget your kasut kulit too. Everyone look so smart and professional on this day. Wahh!
We have "Pendaftaran KRP" today (I'm not sure what's the meaning) but basically we're registering ourself as an INTEC's student and making a student ID card.
Then we have "Taklimat Penaja". Following our respective sponsor. Of course JPA scholars are the most, followed by MARA, PETRONAS and others. Like we're told, this is the time to ask your sponsor macam-macam question because it's not easy to actually meet them again. Tanyalah apa saja (asalkan relevan la...)
At night, we have another briefing by Residence Staff and Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Pelajar (JPK).
p/s: kaki aku melecet seyhh....kasut punya pasal,. Perghh pedih >.<

3rd Day (5/7/11)
We're divided into 40 groups and a senior will lead each group. This is the starting point of the fun!
We all buat "Latihan Dalam Kumpulan" (LDK). Bunyi macam skema je kan? macam lame giler macam tu. But actually we're playing games and such, macam budak-budak tadika main sama-sama... of course fun games la...

We all dibawa pusing-pusing satu INTEC. Get to know about the blocks, the offices, the places, the rooms, the toilets, surau and all those thing.
Then we played games like "goreng pisang" (which a "special case" happen), "bom bom", "bang bang bang sampai mati" (yang aku tak paham sampai sekarang), teka kata.
Then in the evening we all learn to dance! Ada tarian "Bollywood" and tarian "Xi Shua Shua"
Sumpah best giler!

4th Day (6/7/11)
We all ada "Majlis Amanat Pelajar" today. Dah buat rehearsal dah semalam. This time it's quiet special la coz the V.C of UiTM, Prof. Sahol Hamid wanna come himself.
After that, another game session. We all also belajar macam-macam jenis tepukan. Senior-senior ni memang "penepuk" yang hebat-hebat belaka.
At night we got "Majlis Penutup". Some of the juniors buat persembahan for that night. Ada 3 sketsa bertemakan 1 Malaysia. All of it memang lawak and best! Especially from Cendol's team.
We end the night at 11.30pm, bit late la...

5th Day (7/7/11)
Library day. Nothing much la...first we have some ceramah hala tuju (boring siott.... aku sempat tidur lagi..) then we all just dibawa untuk "Library Tour". We're shown on how to use the library. How to find things, borrowing books, returning and such thing la. Habis awal hari ni. Around 5.00pm we all dah balik.

6th Day (8/7/11)
We're free today! Yeayy! Except ADFP/ACTP student they all have placement test so they need to be at INTEC. Aku free! so apa lagi... membuta sampai ke tengah hari la...
Then, petangnya aku balik rumah. Rindu rumah~~

So, itu sahajalah sepanjang MDS. Another thing, there's no ragging, brainwash or such things here. The seniors are all nice and sporting. We're the chosen students man....so we must do everything in a different standard. That's what the senior told us la...

p/s: still susah nak cari kawan time MDS, but now dah okay dah. Insyaallah.

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